Wed. Jul 6th, 2022

4 Mistakes every poker loser does

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4 poker Mistake

Read about the most common pokerkiukiu mistakes every time a loser at the table does. These are the bad practices almost all losing players keep doing without understanding what they are actually doing. 

About 80% of today’s gambling blog articles tell us what to do to become great slot players, incredible roulette users or talented poker pros. This article is not written with the same goal. It has a completely different, contrary purpose.

In this article, we are going to tell you not what you should, but what you shouldn’t do. We devote this material to all people who feel like constant losers in pokerkiukiu or in any other amazing gambling arena, where although there are great bonuses and high quality services, losing is like these punters’ destiny.

What about if you can get away with this destiny? Just follow our trips. Find out the four common mistakes almost every poker loser does. Every day. In every website such as pokerkiukiu.

  1. Putting ego ahead of the objective analyze of the situation. You should confirm it right away. At least once in your life you have called and made bad poker decisions just because you god mad about the opponent next to you, who has taken your money due to luck. It wasn’t luck. And it was a bad practice of yours you should stop.
  2. Thinking that everybody’s bluffing. As a matter of fact, right now bluffing in poker is not popular at all. Poker gurus claim that the modern players bluff quite often these days. In all cases, saying that the opponent is bluffing shows only your lack of an ability to predict what this opponent holds in his hand.
  3. Raising and calling without a single reasonable reason. Have every said “What the hell, I am entering all in the game?”. This is bad. It has no logic. And it kills your gambling budget. Plus, it has nothing to do with the attentive and clever poker game.
  4. Thinking that every next game or hand is about to be a lost one for you. We are not fans of the positive thinking life-coach mood. We are keen in making good predictions. When in a poker game, in your own you predict that you are going to lose, all of your next moves are going to be  based on the idea that you are going to lose at this table and with these opponents. Eventually, you help your loss to become real.

Try to never do these bad things in poker. By the way, as you can see, all of these errors are not just fundamental, but fitting any type of a poker format. So, no. No one is insured against mistakes in poker that cause a loss after loss.

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