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Did you know about these lottery facts?

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lottery facts

Feel free to check yourself if you know everything about togel Singapore and lottery games. See our list with some really amazing and amusing facts related with the game.

Lottery games have been around for a long time. They have experienced some huge modification for the last couple of years mainly due to the fact that right now you can find lots of togel Singapore and lottery games at any digital corner. Or in almost any casino website!

But we bet you don’t know absolutely everything about the lotteries? They are so popular and widely spread that the crazy and intriguing facts are too many to be fully realized and known by everyone. Even by the hugest lottery fans like you, guys!

So, please, spend a couple of minutes with us and see if you have known all of these curious facts about the lottery games:

  1. Averagely, a lottery winner has nearly 4-5 cars. The stats say – to be more specific – that the common lottery winner, whether through an online lottery game or through a lucky ticket bought in the store, owns 4.5 cars. You will be amazed to also find out that about 13% of the lottery winners didn’t buy any cars after the jackpot day they had experienced.
  2. More than half of the active lottery players spend more money on lottery tickets or online lottery games than on any other entertainment in life. And by entertainment we can count everything – from spending good days on a vacation to daily buy cigarettes, coffee and etc.
  3. The largest jackpot won through a lottery ticket that has never been claimed actually was at an amount of 63 million of GBP. As you can guess by the currency, this lottery jackpot fell in the UK, but currently there’s no information yet who the lucky (or unlucky, because he never found out) guy was.
  4. There’s a very famous family that has been still called the Lottery family who has won three times in a row from the lottery games. This family owns the original name of Tipton and can brag about an amazing lucky life to win three times in a row within 10 years.
  5. The first form of a lottery can be found in the ancient Chinese times, but the original lottery game as we know it these days has actually appeared in the region of Belgium and today’s Netherlands. It’s a curious fact that right now these two countries are not among the top countries where lottery games are so beloved by the locals. Mainly, it’s the USA that has been always popular for its big lotteries and mainly for its huge lottery lovers.

So now you can tell you know most of the top facts about lottery games. Stay tuned with our news and special articles related with the most popular gambling form of all times to learn even more interesting things about it!

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