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Casino Benefits and Perks for High-Stake Players

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Casino Benefits

High-rollers who bet large amounts are offered preferential treatment, luxurious accommodation and amenities, and exclusive gaming experience

A high roller or high-stake player is a gambler who bets at least $25 per spin and $100 per hand. Also known as whales, they are defined by their betting style and habits and the fact that they spend a lot of money at casinos. This is why high-rollers get better or special treatment and various perks such as penthouse suite or complimentary limousine service.

Benefits for High-Stake Gamblers

A high-roller can expect to get expensive liqueur, the best dinner at fine dining restaurants, and a choice of a hotel room. They may also get front-row show or sports events tickets, a VIP nightclub table, and free transportation to and from the hotel and casino. Whales also get special loss rebates, the best poker or blackjack rules, access to exclusive tournaments, and comps tailored to their needs and wants. If a high-roller is visiting a casino resort with his girlfriend or wife and planning a shopping spree, he may request discounts or a cash card for select retail locations to cover all expenses up to a certain percentage. Likewise, they may want a penthouse with an ocean view or view of the Vegas Strip. Then the casino will make special arrangements so that this specific room is available. High-rollers never miss exclusive events that casinos offer, be it invites to famous mansions, major concerts or pool parties, and backstage passes. This is also an excellent opportunity to socialize and network with celebrities and the wealthy.

High-stake players also have preferences when it comes to games they want to bet on, whether poker, sa game vip, blackjack, or baccarat.  They will only go to a casino that offers the game they like to play. In addition to game selection, high-rollers are more likely to visit casinos that offer bigger loss rebates. They may negotiate, for example, to get 10 percent of their total losses up to $5,000. If they lose $50,000 on a single casino trip, they will get a check for $5,000.

Added Perks

High-rollers are offered added perks and incentives such as exclusive games and access to freeroll slots, poker, or blackjack tournaments where they compete against other wealthy players. In addition, they get special bonuses such as anniversary and birthday bonuses and more loyalty points. When playing, they also enjoy personalized chances as most casinos have a limit on the amount that players can bet. They may be able to play for $10,000 or $20,000 while regular players may only be allowed to bet $50. Finally, while regular players may have low withdrawal limits, this is not the case with high-stake gamblers. They withdrawal limits may be 5 or 10 times higher compared to everyone else.

Bonus perks include dedicated service, preferential treatment at the resort or city, and casino merchandize.

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