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Different Types of Casino Night Fundraisers

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Casino Night Fundraisers

There are different types of casino fundraisers that help raise money for a charitable cause, including Vegas Nights, poker tournaments, and mixed casino

Known as a Monte Carlo night and casino night fundraiser, a casino fundraiser is an event to raise money for a charitable cause. Guests receive chips after making a donation and play a variety of games. They can either play for entertainment or with chips or funny money. While this is not a real gambling event, winners receive prizes by the event organizers, sponsors, or event hosts. The prize can be a new TV, weekend getaway or trip, dinner for two, or a bottle of wine. There are different types of casino fundraisers to look into, including real money, mixed casino, and poker tournaments, and below are some of them.

Poker Tournaments

Here donors are offered a ticket to their seat, together with gaming chips. The chips are used instead of real money. Donors play against other participants at poker tables, and those lasting the longest receive prizes. Donations go to a charity or charitable cause.

Vegas Nights

Participants receive gaming chips that can be used for a variety of games. Again, the chips have no cash value. Winners receive prizes at the end of the event.

Mixed Casino

This event is in between a poker tournament and a Vegas Night whereby a poker tourney is held along with a selection of casino games. Games of choice can be blackjack, baccarat, keno, togel hk, roulette, etc.

Real Money

This event is similar to a Vegas Night, the only difference being that participants sell and buy chips. The proceeds from losses go to the event host /minus the wins/. Note that such events are illegal in some places which is why most event organizers do not offer them.

Event Day

Organizers arrive to set up the tables and equipment and to help participants with registration and other details. Donors play a selection of games, and the winners are announced at the conclusion of the event. Prizes can be awarded in different ways, for example, through a prize draft, penny social, raffle drawing, or high score. The selection of games includes classics such as craps, roulette, poker, mini-baccarat, pai gow tiles, etc.

How to Choose an Event Type

This depends on a number of factors such as makeup, gender, age, and number of participants. It is usually the corporate sector and male players who enjoy poker tournaments while mixed casino nights are ideal for larger and more gender-balanced groups. Package events organized by professional hosts usually include a lead dealer or vent manager, professional dealers, and game tables with wheels, dice, cards, or chips. The organizers are also responsible for breakdown, setup, and delivery. They also offer services and details such as professional event photography, customizable table signage, and custom casino chips. Other details include auction vouchers or raffle tickets for prizes and funny money vouchers.

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